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Shining Cooler

We are a UK based company and we retail online a range of home and garden pots, planters and decorations with a difference.
What’s the difference?

All of the products that we sell have within a lamp or LED which allows our products to shine above others and look great at night time as well as during the day.

Please take the time to have a look through our range of products. Along our range of Shining Pots, you’ll also find a great selection of other decorative lamps which when placed by themselves or mixed with other products from our range will create a effective and eye-catching display.

As well as for use in the home and garden, our products look great in store windows, in bars and beer gardens and even for festive street displays, creating a great atmosphere.

All our large products are fully weather proof and are easy to clean.


The Glolight Team.